Can diabetes type 2 be reversed?

Diabetes 2 is the consequence of insulin resistance in the body tissues, resulting in impaired glucose processing. Although it is a chronic condition, but it does not have to be an inevitably lifelong. Many studies have demonstrated the fact that type 2 diabetes is reversible in the majority of patients. Taking good care of all the causal factors that add to the progression of diabetes can cut off its course.  The good thing about diabetes reversal is that you don’t need to take costly medicines or undergo some surgical procedure. All of this reversal process is completely natural and involves dietary modifications along with increased physical activity.

Intake of a diet rich in simple carbs and saturated fats coupled with a low physical activity results in quick weight gain. Insulin is released to cope with the high carbs diet, but this constantly raised insulin adds on to the already increasing weight. Insulin also increases appetite, so overeating is another factor of weight gain here. Pancreas is overloaded with a constant need to produce insulin.  The final result is morbid weight gain, damaged pancreas and onset of type 2 diabetes. This vicious cycle continues to exacerbate the patient’s condition causing high blood sugar levels. So two things need to be done to reverse type 2 diabetes:

  • Decrease the body weight
  • Relax the pancreas by reducing load on it

Increased body weight is the main culprit behind the adult diabetes and it needs to be resolved to reverse diabetes. Many studies have reported the successful diabetes reversal by healthy lifestyle modifications. Know what you are aiming at and reflect that aim in your diet and exercise to have the desired outcome.

A diabetic diet must not be high in saturated fats and refined carbohydrates. Avoid a sharp insulin release by using carbs that are slow to absorb- complex carb. Decrease the caloric intake and don’t forget to read the label before buying eatables. Limit sweets and increase the intake of whole grains, fresh vegetables and high fiber foods. A well balanced and diabetes oriented diet will not stress the pancreas and lifelong insulin production can be ensured.  Alcohol consumption is also prohibited owing to its extra calories. In addition to the foods, dietary habits are also important. Use small platters and follow a strict timetable as recommended by a dietician. Remember, diet is the most crucial factor and if dietary habits are not corrected then diabetes reversal might not be successful.

Exercise is the second great way to shed off some extra pounds and increase insulin sensitivity of body tissues.  Increased sensitivity will stop continuous insulin production, putting less strain on pancreas. Exercise is the best therapy for diabetics as it reduces extra weight, improves insulin sensitivity, strengthens the muscles, decreases heart problems and gives a feeling of being healthy. Go for some mild physical activity like brisk walking, jogging, and climbing stairs and make it a part of your routine. Give 30 minutes of your day to exercise for five days a week. You need to pursue such activities for longer times to attain the goal of complete diabetes reversal.

However, it should be remembered that reversing the type 2 diabetes is not possible in all the diabetic patients. Some patients have a strong genetic propensity and will find it hard to get rid of diabetes. The reversal measures are effective only when adopted during the earlier stages of condition like within 4 to 5 years. When diabetes is progressed to a certain stage that pancreas has been damaged then it is not possible to reverse the type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, a strong commitment to your health and a proactive lifestyle will enable you to improve the quality of your life by freeing from diabetes and its complications.





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